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Korabo is a Las Vegas taiko ensemble committed to learning and sharing the traditional Japanese art form of taiko. Korabo began with the goal in mind to celebrate the spirit of taiko through collaborative projects in modern channels of art and entertainment.

The Japanese word korabo means collaboration. If you dissect the word into two parts – 鼓 (ko) and ラボ (rabo) — it also means “beat lab.” Korabo works experimentally and progressively in taiko and other forms of music, while emphasizing teamwork and camaraderie. Members of Korabo have handcrafted each of the drums they use.

Korabo was founded by David Cheetham, Matthew Chun, Kana Hironaka, Jen Kong, Gene Sugano, and Kathy Thomas. Korabo’s performing members are all volunteers.

For more information on taiko, please visit the Taiko Wiki or check out our resources page.


Thank you so much to our generous donors and supporters:

Lena Prima and family
Colin Fukunaga and the Fukuburger family

Thank you to our suppliers:

Miyamoto Unosuke


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