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Korabo is four years old!

  • November 4, 2014
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Happy fourth birthday to us! Last month, Korabo turned four years old. We could not have been so successful if not for our friends, family, supporters, and especially our students and performers. To thank our students for their devotion and energy, we got a couple of rooms at the Resort at Mount Charleston and partied […]

Palo Verde High School Taiko Ensemble 2012

  • December 15, 2013
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Our Mad Scientist Dave has had a longtime relationship with local high school marching bands and musical ensembles. Last winter, Dave had the opportunity to introduce taiko to the Nevada All-State Solo & Ensemble through Cara, the then band director at Palo Verde High School and a group of talented young musicians. Dave put together […]

Korabo Turns Three Today!

October 10, 2013 Korabo was born three years ago today. The six of us — Matt Chun, Dave Cheetham, Kana Hironaka, Jen Kong, Gene Sugano, and Kathy Thomas — all with the desire to play taiko, teamed up to form our own kumidaiko. In order to effectively form our group, we had to build our […]

Akiko’s Taiko Project

In October 2012, initiated by Karen Young of Genki Spark (Boston, MA), Korabo’s Dave engaged in a conversation with Akiko Uchiyama, a high school teacher in New City (New York) about building a set of drums for her taiko club, Mugen. Akiko received a grant to go towards some drums and stands. Akiko and Dave […]

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