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お帰り! We’re back from the North American Taiko Conference

Last weekend (Aug 18-21), we got to attend the 2011 North American Taiko Conference in Stanford. NATC is the convergence of all things taiko. We got to learn about taiko, watch taiko performances, purchase taiko paraphernalia, meet taiko enthusiasts and legends, and we brought home so many great experiences.

We also brought home another kumidaiko! While we were up in Stanford, we met with The Genki Spark, a kumidaiko based out of Boston. When NATC was said and done, Karen and Jen of the Genki Spark had a wedding to attend in Las Vegas, so they caravaned it back with us. While they were in Vegas, we got to practice with them and even perform with them at an impromptu gig at the Fukuburger spot tonight!

Thank you, Genki Spark. And special thanks to Colin and Fukuburger for letting us bomb!

The Genki Spark